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The Character of Ropehall Labradors

The image above shows Queenie to the left  and  Beau to the right

We have always looked for the best temperament and character in our dogs,  we are not a commercial business or boarding kennels,  we merely keep Labrador Retrievers for our own enjoyment and train them for the gun and for Field Trials. 

On the odd occasion when a litter is produced it us usually to supply ourselves with our chosen breeding whilst offsprings are only available to people who are usually known to us, and who will undertake to provide a good home for the pup either as a working dog in tests or trials or merely as a family pet.  

We follow all the K.C. guidelines regarding health requirements, all of our dogs are CNM hereditary clear, have single digit hip scores, elbow scores, and our wonderful dog now being offered at stud in Cheshire  ( Beau ) is no exception.

Other Great Gundog Sites

Wirral Gundogs

Wirral Gundogs

Wirral Gundogs


A excellent training ground run by our friend Garry McCarthy on the banks of the Dee estuary in Heswall.  The Ropehall dogs have spent many great days out here and we highly recommend it.


Gundog Gear

Wirral Gundogs

Wirral Gundogs


A superb place to buy all your shooting and training accessories. 

Emma and Garry run a dog training equipment company with every conceivable training aid, which may be required from puppy to field trial winners and champion.  I highly recommend this one stop supply for all your training needs.


Rytex Kennels

Wirral Gundogs

The Kennel Club


Where champions are bred, born and trained.

An outstanding facility run by our friends Ian and Wendy Openshaw


The Kennel Club

Tibea Gundogs USA

The Kennel Club


All Ropehall Labradors are registered with the Kennel Club, who work tirelessly to promote the health and welfare of all dogs.  Keith Bellamy is an A panel, Kennel Club accredited judge


Tibea Gundogs USA

Tibea Gundogs USA

Tibea Gundogs USA


Tibea Gundogs is run by our friend and fellow  Kennel Club A Panel judge, Robin Watson, he is one of the only British trainers based in the United States.  He uses traditional British training methods and has some of the most sought after Labrador breeding lines.


Mickley Hall

Tibea Gundogs USA

Tibea Gundogs USA


Located just outside Nantwich, in a perfect rural setting, we recommend a visit to Mickley Hall for anyone looking to improve or keep on top of their shot.   There is also  professional kennelling department for your  dogs, open 365 day a year.


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